The CEBL will be filling the void that is a lack of professional basketball content in the spring and summer months. The game of basketball is played by many Canadians on outdoor courts throughout the spring and summer, so why not invite fans indoors for CEBL events? At each CEBL event, fans can expect to be entertained by a high-level of basketball competition, exciting in-game promotions and outdoor activations for all ages to enjoy.
Further announcements regarding the league’s inaugural season start date will be released in the coming months.
The CEBL is currently entertaining ownership bids and recruiting teams within markets all across Canada. Be sure to stay tuned for new territory announcements on the CEBL’s social media and web platforms. For more info, check out our Fan Page
CEBL owners will sign players through the CEBL’s salary structure, which does not stipulate a salary cap, but rather a minimum spend requirement that must be adhered to when rosters are being established.
The CEBL draws from some of the best Canadian and International athletes currently competing in other professional leagues around the globe. USPORTS and NCAA graduates will also be recruited as CEBL players when they have completed their collegiate careers.
The CEBL will mandate that each of its rosters is made up of 50% Canadian born players. Each CEBL active roster will have 10-12 players under contract, so each team can be expected to carry a minimum of 5 or 6 Canadians.
The CEBL will play its games out of major spectator facilities. Playing in major venues will create a thrilling atmosphere on game days for fans of all ages to enjoy.
Fans can expect affordable, family-friendly pricing. Single game, season, and group ticket options will be available to all stakeholders. Follow the CEBL on social media, and subscribe to the league newsletter to receive ticketing information as it’s released! ( BECOME A FAN HERE )
Fans can expect an action-packed season spanning over the course of the spring and summer months. Further details pertaining to the league’s inaugural season, important dates, number of games played, and the league’s playoff format will be released in the first 60 days after the CEBL’s official announcement.
FIBA rules and regulations mandate that each roster carries a minimum of 10 active players. The majority of CEBL teams will have 12 players under contract during a CEBL season.
The CEBL will be set to launch with a minimum of 6 teams in its inaugural season. League officials will announce expansion possibilities as bids are assessed between seasons.
Please see the “Territories” page of this website... CLICK HERE
The CEBL will abide by Fiba rules and regulations. Fiba is an association of national organizations which governs international competition in basketball. For more information please visit the FIBA rules and regulations document, CLICK HERE
The CEBL is not currently affiliated with any other professional basketball leagues. The CEBL is a domestic Canadian professional basketball league operating under Fiba rules and regulations. Basketball is a sport played professionally in many countries around the world - the CEBL will consciously follow in the footsteps of other successful international leagues in order to bring the best possible basketball entertainment to Canadian sports fans.
The CEBL will operate in a similar fashion to that of other FIBA professional basketball leagues. A premium will be put on acquiring and signing the best Canadian and International players currently competing in FIBA sanctioned leagues around the world. Fans can expect to watch some of the most sought-after athletes that the sport has to offer.
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